How to Keep the Pain Away at Work

Neck and back pain are becoming more prevalent at the office.

80 percent of Americans have jobs that consist of little to no physical activity.  Neck and back problems are the second leading cause of disability in the US – and the leading cause of job-related disability, costing us more than $50 billion each year.  You can’t quit your job, so what can you do to help stop lingering pain?

1.  Sit Up Straight

Whether we realize it or not, we have a tendency to slouch at our desks.  Even more so when we’re using a mobile device.  The biggest problem is not paying attention to our posture on a daily basis.  Without even realizing it, we could be the cause of our own back pain.  Make an effort to sit up straight!  This could be as simple as putting a reminder in your phone or email.

2. Raise Your Chair

Adjust the height of your chair so that you’re just able to keep your feet flat on the floor.  This will help put your back and neck into a more upright position.

3.  Adjust Your Keyboard and Computer Monitor

When a keyboard and monitor are too low, your body will naturally slouch.  The ideal keyboard position keeps your arms parallel with the ground and your elbows at your side.  Your monitor should be situated so that your eyes are hitting the top third of your screen at all times.

4.  Work Standing Up

Have you seen the new desks that allow the height to be adjusted for sitting or standing?  These are marketed to consumers as an easy way to increase circulation and improve productivity.  Standing up while you work can also encourage correct posture.

5.  Buy a Posture Correcting Seat Cushion

These are designed to straighten and align your back.  By elongating your spine, you loosen up tension and age without a hunch.  

6. Stretch When You Can

Certain neck and back stretches can help reduce and sometimes, even eliminate pain.  They can be done at your desk or during your break.  Doing these stretches on a regular basis will keep your mind and body sharp.  

Hopefully following one, or two, or more of these tips are able to alleviate some of your neck and back pain while at work.  Try to make these a part of your routine until they start to become healthy habits.  Doing the little things now can pay off later down the road!  

Always Practice Good Posture!

Always Practice Good Posture!

If the pain continues, consider VIVA Patch.  The flexible and form-fitting design sticks with you from your morning commute to the time you clock out.  The reduced scent formula won’t overwhelm your office with menthol.  Both you and your co-workers will be happy that you asked your provider about VIVA Patch!